Limit Your Instant Noodle Eating Consumtion, help your digestive tract

28 Feb 2013

Many people can not escape from instant noodles. This is because it is savory and delicious, as well as how to create a super practical. Instant noodles also can be a life saver in times of emergency abdominal require calm stomach.

However, you should limit the consumption of these foods. Because eating instant noodles too often is not recommended. This is because the nutrients contained in the instant noodles do not actually meet our daily needs. Perhaps these foods can help us block the stomach, but actually does not make us instant noodles really full. This will make us hungry again sooner.

In addition, the instant noodle seasoning salt and MSG contains high enough and not good for the brain. It is harmful to the digestive tract due to excessive sodium content can increase stomach acid. Besides excessive sodium content can also increase the risk of hypertension. Instant noodles is not recommended to be consumed at breakfast or on you who are experiencing indigestion.

If you want to start to reduce the consumption of instant noodles, try gradually. Give pause to eat instant noodles between 3 days. Do not use boiling water as a mixed noodle noodle soup because it is believed there are candles inside the womb. Use of other materials in your noodle menu, such as vegetables and fish.

Credit: Vemale

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